From my earliest recollection I was raised in the wild shades of an African rainforest where the lion's share of my childhood was spent roaming the woods with apes who adopted me after my explorer parents died in a plane crash.  No wait…...that’s Tarzan.    


I actually had a great childhood in Oklahoma City as the youngest of 5 kids with all the stereotypical youngest child quirks.  It was 'Bugs Bunny' cartoons and   ‘I Love Lucy’ episodes that sparked my interest in acting! Seeing the shows where they were on stage excited me, it looked like so much fun!   My awesome parents noticed the interest and put me in drama after school. 


I stayed with it through most of my early years but I left it completely in college for a new love, Archaeology.  She was great while she lasted. She took me to Italy, Israel, and Cairo for many adventures.  The pursuit of acting was always in the back of my mind though. In the end the worry of being absorbed by the past took me away from archaeology.  Not quite having the ‘chutzpa’ to go out and pursue acting as a career I went to grad school in the one city that would make that experience enjoyable, Miami.  


During my last year in school the death of a fellow student woke me up. Realizing how precious life was I summoned up my ‘chutzpa’, told my parents (who were skittish but not terribly surprised), and made my arrangements to move to Los Angeles after graduation (almost to London but that’s a different story).  I started doing plays & indie films, one role led to another and here I am! 


My career took some leaps, and in 2012 a short-film I was in called 'The Percipient' premiered at the Cannes Festival. My latest credits include co-stars on the CBS shows Criminal Minds(2014) & Scorpion(2014), a leading role in a UK film entitled Capsule(2015), and a leading role in an independent drama called Ben & Ara (2015) that I wrote and produced. 

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